Remote app on Android - Origin on Mac

Can I use the remote app on an Android phone & have the origin software on my MacBook Pro?
At the moment it won’t connect. It recognises my Mac Book on the app, but won’t connect. Both are on the same Wi Fi network.

hi @sootshe,

Can you clear the cache of your App before trying to connect again? Here is how to do this:

Hello Antoine,
Cache cleared, but still won’t connect.
I’m not using a normal router for my wi-fi connection. I have a mobile wi-fi device, but it shows that my MacBook Pro & my Android phone are both connected to that.

Can you check the firewall settings: In System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options > Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections check that this setting is selected and “Block all incoming connections” is not selected.

Restart your WiFi router because it may have a problem transmitting the connection used by Audirvana Remote (Like the Apple Remote app that controls iTunes, which can be blocked for the same reasons).