Remote App on iDevices does NOT work with Adirvana Studio

Hello Developers
I have the chance to use Audirvana 3.5 trial on Windows 10. I like it - especially because of the nice integration of Tidal and Quobuz, and the remote app on iDevices works. But I have lost LOT of time trying to make the remote app work with Audirvana Studio. No way! I can not recommend Audirvana Studio to my clients, in such situation. The remote app feels and looks even better than the original GUI, it is a must. Please give us time horizon when it will work. I am not a beginnerā€¦ Thx and regards,
Peter MacTaggart

The remote for Audirvana Studio is still not out. The current remote app works only with version 3.5.

Thank You. Any time horizon? I have a client and should tell him.
Regards, Peter

From the relevant section on Audirvanaā€™s site:


Very soon. Audirvāna Remote will indeed receive a major update for the Audirvāna Studio users following the global release of the new software. Users of the previous versions of the Audirvāna softwares can still use the Remote as it will detect the version of Audirvāna you have opened.

To most people ā€œvery soonā€ would mean a couple of days, but itā€™s already been a month with no further word, so in Audirvanaā€™s world you could be waiting five or six months, nobody knows.

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Ah, well, we have already been ā€œvery soon-edā€ quite a number of times.
Part and parcel of being an Audirvana customer. :smile:

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