Remote App - Windows 11 NOW WORKING!

Hi, I’ve struggled for a while trying to get my remote app to recognise windows 11. I have now managed to get it to work. Not sure how long this will work for.

First I went into the firewall settings - just keep one instance of Audirvana in your list. Make sure that Private is ticked. Start Audirvana on Windows and remote.

Your firewall warning will appear to ask you if it is ok for windows to let Audirvana to access it. Click on allow.

The access code will come up on Audirvana Windows and you enter this into the remote app. It should come up automatically. That connected it.

Let me know if this works for anyone else.


Do you have to reset the firewall settings every time you want to fire up Audirvana and use the Remote app? Or you just did it once and since then it has worked perfectly?

Thanks for any info!

I am not the OP you are asking, but it should be a one time thing with the remote app. Why would you have to reset a firewall every time? The firewall itself should remember those settings and permissions.

What I do notice (on my Windows machine) is that whenever Audirvana updates itself, the Windows firewall asks for permission (for Audirvana) again. But that is a Windows thing, because it sees the Audirvana update as a new instance. Maybe if the remote app (on iOS or Android) updates the same will happen (but I don’t think so, because I never experienced that).

This is why I turn off software firewalls. They’re quite intrusive and don’t add much if any security beyond my usual measures (hardware firewall with excellent password protection and encrypted communications between my network and the outside world).