Remote connection issue

Hi. I have issues connecting the remote to the studio app.

Here is the setup :

Android Phone running Android 8.1 and remote last version
MBP running Big Sur with Audirvana 1.6.1
All on the same local network via wifi

I used remote when I first installed Audirvana a week go and it worked just fine.

Then I reset the entire database (deleting the sql) when i move my library to another external hard drive.

Now that it’s all synchronised, the remote won’t connect to Audirvana.

It’s strange because it can detect the MBP only on opening the application. When Audirvana is running and i launch the remote, it detects nothing.

When i launch Audirvana, it is detected on the remote. But then, when i click it, there is an infinite loading. Sometimes it displays an connection error message.

I have tried everything. Restarting the router. Activating the firewall that was disabled and explicitely authorized entering connections for audirvana, deleting the cache and data of the remote, reinstalling the remote app.

Do you have any idea what might cause this issue ?

Hello @Supveg,

You may have done this but have you tried to reinstall Studio? After doing the reinstall, did you get a pairing code when you tried to connect to the Remote?

Hi Damien. I haven’t tried it yet.

I didn’t know there was a pairing code involved, it never asked me for one (even on the first time when it worked)

I will try this when I get back home. Thank you for answering !

Unfortunately, no luck with reinstalling Studio either.

No pairing code asked, the Remote just go charging for a while then displays an error message…

I had the same problem on Android last week. Fixed by force closing the app and restarting. It seemed to persist for a few days but has now cleared up.

I should have added that I use multiple remotes, mostly iOS, but one Android tablet. The problem seemed to occur when I swapped from iOS to Android but this could have been coincidence. Main player is an M1 MacMini.

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