Remote errors

It works well in 3.5 but why is it only the first time in Studio and it keeps getting errors like pictures? I’m using the latest Mac OS for McMini.

Hello @GoldDragon,

Do you have this error each time you search in the Remote?


  1. It works well when I first connect it, but if I try to control the remote control after listening to a song, there will be an error every time I close the application, and if I do it again, there will be an error again, so I have to restart the application every time I control it. I’m using the 5th generation of iPad in McMini’s latest OS, and the iPhone is the same. It’s the same even after installing McMini cleanly.
  2. Also, I am Korean and I want you to support the Korean version of the language. There are many Odirvana users in Korea, too.

There is no problem when using audirevana 3.5. Only the studio keeps having problems

Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall of remote app on iPhone and iPad?

It’s the same when reinstalled.