Remote for Android Feature Request

I like the Android remote and it has been working well for some time now. I did have one request to make it perfect for my needs.

When in Mini-Player and playing, you hit the Play Queue button and the Play Queue finds the currently playing song and scrolls down and shows it right near the top. Very good behavior. However, at some point after the first album is done playing in the queue, the Play Queue stops tracking the currently playing song, and “gives up” and I have to scroll down to find the currently playing song every time I switch to Play Queue. It would be ideal if the Play Queue would continue “following playback” like it does at the start of the queue and automatically scroll and display the currently playing track near the top of the list, no matter the current playing song’s location in the play queue. For example, If the currently playing song is at #100 in the Play Queue, I would like the Play Queue to automatically scroll down to that and display it near the top when I manually view the Play Queue by hitting the button in Mini-Player.

That’s the only thing I would change, everything else works well for me. :smiley:
Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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Hi @dh2571,

I will try to reproduce this behavior and come back to you.

Ok, it seems that is working on the iOS version of the Remote but not on Android.

We will need to fix it.

Just wanted to thank you for mostly fixing this with updates! The only remaining issue I see is that, if you are, say 20 items into the play queue, it normally “finds” the right song and puts it at the top of the play queue (good!). However, if I manually change to the next track, and I go back to play queue, sometimes it shows the previous song, the one I manually skipped, as being the currently playing song. Letting the current track play out and having the player automatically go the next track usually fixes it. Just a minor remaining issue to an otherwise very nice update!

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