Remote from an ipad Mini

Hello, I have not yet tried but I thought I would ask first.

Is it possible to remote control Aurdivana running on a PC (windows) , from the Remote app on an iPad mini (iOS), as long as they are both on the same LAN?

Hello @danberilloux,

Yes it’s possible, as long as Audirvana is open before you open the Remote, you will be able to connect a iOS device to Audirvana for Windows 10.

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OK thanks @Antoine
Other question: if i own an old iPad mini that cannot support a more recent iOS version than 9,3,5… do you still have a version of Remote that would be compatible with that iOS? The latest one obviously requires iOS 11 at a minimum … :frowning:

Unfortunately we can’t provide you a version that would run on iOS 9 as it’s a limitation imposed by Apple.

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