Remote from Audirvana w/AS

Is there any way to use my Android phone with Audirvana as remote with Studio? I am a non-tech but I would have NEVER tried the new software had I known I was losing my remote.

Did you not receive an e-mail from Audirvana a couple of days ago?

It read:
The Audirvāna Remote App compatible with Studio will be released next week.
Discover a completely new interface with improved features and a new set of functionalities.
This free application for smartphone and tablet will be available on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Whether or not it does in fact materialise “next week” and whether it works properly or not remain to be seen, of course.

But in the meantime no, there is no way yet to use your Android phone as a remote for Audirvana Studio.

I did notice that email, but never in my wildest imagination would I believe that a tech company would introduce a new product, advertise it and promote it, without having the new software be backward compatible, at least until the new remote software is available.

This is bad business.


The whole rollout of AS has been depressingly amateurish and shoddy. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes there is. Try Splashtop as an alternative u til remote is ready.

You have to install on your desktop and on your Android.

Unless I’m mistaken Splashtop costs almost as much per month as Audirvana does.
If I’m correct thanks, but no thanks.
Please tell me if I’m wrong.

It’s not exactly a good way of assessing AS, either, for the many of us who would only ever use the remote app as our Audirvana interface.

Splashtop is free. It costs if you want to control a computer online. In your own WiFi at home it connects free. It has worked for me for ever because I’ve never gotten the remote to connect.

It’s a bit fiddly but great for on the couch controlling Audrivana. Try it. I don’t have shares invested anyway its free.

Ah, thank you for correcting me and for the additional info.
It’s greatly appreciated.

I doubt I’ll bother trying it for AS, though, since I refuse on principle to rent software (services are a different matter, but Audirvana is just a player, not a service).
On the other hand I might try it as a remote for Qobuz - which is all I really use Audirvana for anyway.

What you say makes sense. I use Audrivana for all my local files. I don’t stream at all. I’m very keen to have the hardware … I was very slow to discard my Vinyl, CD and now I convert everything to digital (XLD) and purchasedownloads. Streaming is going too bloody far for me. I will probably change in time.

As for subscription to AUDIRVĀNA Studio I’m very OK with that because I enjoy the output whilst hating library management.

Alternatively, you could use TeamViewer, but with a phone it won’t be an enjoyable experience. Even with a tablet it’s only marginally usable in my experience.

We just have to be patient and wait for the new AS remote, alas.