Remote (ios 14) can‘t connect to mac app (el capitan)


since i updated my iphone and ipad to ios 14, i can not connect the remote app to the mac app.
both use the same wifi network.

any hints?


If you have personal hotspot enabled try to disable it

thanks for that fast reply but it doesn‘t work.
still can‘t see the mac in the remote app.

Have you tried rebooting your router?
That’s the usual fix for remote connectivity problems.

Did you iOS 14 device ask for something like this?

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i rebooted several times and also tried another network.

yes, i don‘t exactly remember but i think, i didn‘t allow it.
can i reset this somehow if i don‘t remember right?

oh man. i was so stupid.
i did‘t allow the ios app to use the local network.

thank you!

works perfect.

You got it working? Awesome. Just in case you can allow network access via the iOS settings app.

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