Remote iPhone Not working


The iPhone Audirvana Remote does not work. I finds my server and there is no firewall and im a network tech dude. I has worked but its very unstable. What is the issue. Are ther som other program I can use to control Audirvana?

You can try with some remote desktop solution.

Why is this such a crappy app?

It works quite well on the Mac, I guess Rendezvous (Bonjour) protocol can be fiddly on Windows. Sometimes restarting the home router helps.

Hello @Christian_Dilling-Ha,

Are you using Windows 10 or MacOs version of Audirvana?

May I answer instead? I’m using Windows 10 version of Audirvana and enter pairing code either on Android or on iPad and there is no connection. I can provide any additional information.

Hello @KinG,

can you go in Audirvana settings>Miscellaneous, can you enable the settings “Use legacy Bonjour library fro detection by Remote”?

Hi @Damien3, this option was enabled right after the latest Audirvana was installed. And it didn’t help. But! In another community’s topic I was advised to turn off option "Rescan folders for changes at each start” and it helped - remotes work on Android and iPad.