Remote Mac completely out of control

I have BIG PROBLEMS understanding how the remote control works. What I see now is a filtered list of 5 albums ( I think I searched once for composer and year) but NO WAY I can remove these filters. How do I see all my albums?
Remove filters does not work.
Removing all the criteria does not work.
Removing and reinstalling the app does not work.
The interface is unclear, running in circles all the time.
Someone who can explain how I must do this?
Thak you very much.!

I don’t know whether I can help. There are two ways of displaying a list of albums.

One is to click on Albums in the bottom menu and then click the arrow in the top left hand corner. This should bring up a list of albums which you can scroll through.

The second is to use the browser which it sounds like you have done. If you have selected something previously you need to go the top of the list and check « All xxx values » to get the complete list back.

Hope this helps

I suspect the issue may be the albums view on the Mac itself rather than the remote.

I had an issue where I couldn’t see any of my albums via the remote, no matter what I tried. When I checked Audirvana on my Mac Mini, I noticed that I’d somehow added a filter to the albums view. Removing this filter made all my albums reappear in the remote.

Hope this helps

Hi thank you both for replying, This was exactly the case, a filter in the app i forgot about. The app on the Mac rules over the remote, so to speak. Do not know if I find this intuitive.

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