Remote not compatible with Mesh WiFi?

I just switched my WiFi to use Eero Mesh WiFi.

Everything working fine except that the Remote App can no longer connect to Audirvana running on my Mini Mac.

I have tried the Remote App on both IPadOS and Android. In both cases the app finds the Audirvana instance on the Mini Mac, but is unable to complete the connection.

It used to work fine. I already checked the firewall setting on the Mac.

Can anyone confirm whether this is a known issue and whether there is a fix?

Check if there are some settings related to multicast in the Eero config app.

I have a similar problem with my wifi-extender, any ideas how to fix that?

Going to bump this, as I also have Eero Mesh WiFi and have never been able to connect to the Audirvana Remote following the procedure described in the pinned topic.

Eero app doesn’t seem to contain a multicast section.

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