Remote not connecting - Macbook & remote on Android

I am having trouble connecting remote app to Audirvana on my Macbook and support will be greatly appreciated.

I have 2 laptops:
Laptop 1 >> Macbook with Mac OS 10.11 (El Captain)
Laptop 2 >> Windows 10

  • Latest version of theAudirvana v. 3.5.44 (trial) installed on both laptops.
  • Latest Audirvana Remote app (v 1.2.6) installed on Samsung S10+ running Android version 11 One UI v3.1
  • When using laptop 2 (Windows laptop) the remote app connects/works fine, no problems
  • When using laptop 1 (Macbook) the remote app does not see computer.
  • The computers are not being used at same time. When Mac laptop is turned on other laptop is completed shut down.

Things I already tried on Macbook:

  1. Allowed Audirvana in firewall settings (Preferences > Security&Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options)
  2. Disabled firewall
  3. Restart wifi
  4. Uninstalled Audirvana from Macbook and uninstalled Remote from phone & reinstalled
  5. Uninstalled iTunes from Macbook
  6. Complete format of Macbook and do clean install of Mac OS 10.11 (from scratch)
  7. After format & reinstall tried 1-5 again

None of these have worked…

  • My WiFi is ok because when I use my Laptop 2 (Windows 10) remote connects, no problems
  • There is only one WiFi device/network
  • Macbook & Phone are on same network.
  • WiFi only has 2.4Ghz. No 5Ghz
  • Macbook & Windows Laptop no turned on at same time

I would appreciate your guidance.

Hello @Kay,

If you only have MacOS version of Audirvana opened, are you able to see it in the Remote?

When only MacOS version of Audirvana opened I am not able to see it on the Remote.

This is why I opened the topic.

Have you tried restarting your router?

Yes… I did restart the router

I must say I am very disappointed with Audirvana.

So far there is no answer to an issue just entry level question & diagnostics…

This is like buying brand new equipment from factory but it doesn’t have warranty nor support.
AURDIRVANA >> Sold as is…

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