Remote not connecting

I cannot get the Remote app on iPad to make contact with my Studio app. It is showing the device but nothing happens when I try to open it. Also if I try to go back to the previous info page it immediately returns,showing my device.

Hello @Rotor,

Are you using a Windows or MacOS computer?

I am using W10.

However it is now working. I went into the app via the start menu to see if I could do anything there and a window opened saying I was being blocked by MS Defender and did I want to allow access. All done and access granted!

I am using ASAPI for HD 192 kHz Quobuz.

My only problem now is understanding repeat/random play settings. Is there anywhere you list what each setting does. If I play a track and want the album to continue in track order for example…

What do you mean? If you remove the random play by clicking here, it will play the tracks in the order of the Album.


OK. Noted. I think the problem was that I was using a selection of Repeat choices. The Shuffle may or may not have been selected.

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