Remote not displaying Qobuz Favorites

Apologies if this is already a known issue. (I could only find some references to something similar with windows 10 in the past).

Using the latest version of Audirvana 3.5.50, on a mac mini (Running Mac OS Sierra-alas not able to try Studio for now) and pairing with the latest version of Audirvana Remote from the App store on an iPad running iOS 15.0, I am not able to view my Qobuz Favorites.

On the remote app I can see all my local views (Albums, playlists etc) but Quobuz only lists: New releases, Playlists, Qobuz Taste and Purchased.

The Audivirna app on the mac mini lists all my local and Quobuz options including Favorites.

Of note using the old remote app with older version of the desktop app and ipad with iOS 14, this problem was not present.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

Just thought I would let Damien know, unless it is unique to my situation (in which case any helpful advice would be welcome)


Hello @RioBlanco,

Can you send some screenshots of your issue with the Remote?

Here is the screenshot from the iPad, followed by the screenshot from the mac mini

Thanks for the rapid support Antoine. Much appreciated

You are not at the right place, you need to go in Favorites tab of the Remote and you will see your Qobuz favorites :wink:

Duh! :roll_eyes: completely missed that. Thanks so much!

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