Remote on Android


I’ve recently changed my PC and switched my Audirvana license over, however when I try and launch the Audirvana remote it’s searching for my old PC that is no longer on the network. I have deleted the App Cache and also uninstalled and then reinstalled it. As soon as it launches again it’s automatically looking for the old PC that is not on the network.

Is this something stored and how do you remove it and reset the App to search for the new PC?

I have the same problem, Did you get a response from anyone?

They have asked me today to reset my router. I’ll try tonight.

HI, I have the same disturbing issue. The remote app removal from the smartphone should clean all the configuration data.

Hi, I’ve ended up loading the remote on a new Android device. Is now working as intended.

In fact, the solution is quite simple, just clear the storage of the app in the Android application list, data and cache, to have a brand new remote application with which you can select a new PC

Hi, I have Audirvana in a Mac (Catalina version), and Audirvana remote in Xiaomi 9SE (android), I can’t connect audrivana remote , I did all the adjustment in the system preferences on my Mac.
But the message is always the same, can’t find any computer. The first time I use this I could connect them , but only once.
Could yours help me.

Same here.
Google Pixel 2, Android 10 - doesn’t connect.
iPhone / iPad works fine so far

I still don’t understand why you don’t design a player app. I’m having a party and have to switch on my Mac … Old-Scool (?) That makes BlueSound really better, even if you can’t compare (I know) both apps directly …