Remote only shows first 10 tracks of an album

I’ve succesfully upgraded AS to version 1.5.6 and the new Android version of the Remote also works.
In general it looks very nice and useful, and it works fine as well.

However I seem to have found a little bug.

When I search for an item and click on the album on which it resides it will only show the first 10 tracks of the album. Even if the album has more tracks on it.

The same thing happens if I click on an album in my favourites and my music. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local album or one on Qobuz.

The only way to get to see the whole album is by clicking on a track, basically making it play. Then select the tracklist button while playing.

AS itself shows all tracks on an album as it should, but the Remote does not.

il est à noter que cette télécommande donne la totalité des pistes avec Audirvana 3.5.

Exactly, and version 3.5 requires a license key. So we go back to the starting point. How can a product be well tested against these limitations? Drama.

Hello @sandsOfArrakis ,

We have identified this bug and we will fix it in the next update of the Remote.

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