Remote Problems/Studio/Mac mini + iPad

I’m now running Studio and it sounds good. My usual technique is to mount the drive through Splashtop- which remotes me into the Mini running headless-- and then get the Audirvana software running before I go to the remote. I’ve done this because if just go to the remote first, it often won’t activate and load.
OK, with that said, now the remote won’t connect to the Mini at all. I deleted the remote, plugged a screen and keyboard into the Mini and toggled the wifi on the Mini a few times. Then I downloaded the remote on the iPad again.
When asked for permission to talk to the Mini-- whatever that prompt is-- I said ok, but didn’t see any verification numbers - like- “to make sure your remote is securely talking to your device, please enter these numbers.”
Am I missing something?
I can play if I use splash top on the iPad to access the Mini virtually but it is kludgey given how pressing the screen with my fat fingers isn’t so precise.
You folks have been so good at sorting things and helping me, I figured I’d see what the collective brain trust has to offer. Otherwise, all groovy here in Austin, TX.
My thanks, Bill Hart

It’s fixed! How did this happen? Refreshing the wifi toggle on iPad and hitting a fresh remote download to it, when asked if I wanted it to talk to another device (yes, said I), I finally got one of those verification codes! Then, easy-peasy.
The question of why this didn’t pop up the last 6 times I tried it-- well, let bigger brains than mine figure it out. Just thought I’d share what I didn’t learn, and say, it’s working!
Back to our regularly scheduled program. And thanks for your attention.

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