Remote substitute

Remote substitute:

For Android/MAC I use SPLASHTOP.

This not perfect but as I’ve never been able to connect the Remote I’m satisfied with this workaround … until all is perfected with AS and new Remote.

Thank you !
I didn’t even know that this software exists.
Just installed Splashtop on my ( LG G6 plus Android 8) phone and after, Desktop apps for my 2 Windows 10 computers where I have Audirvana 3.5 and Audirvana Studio Trial installed and it is working.
I am accessing from my phone 2 computers (one at the time)

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I just checked, that’s just a way to control the whole system like VNC always did. I use VNC since quite some time as Audirvana Remote always lacked some functions (such as triggers for AU plug-ins) :slight_smile:

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Pretty nice eh. Sometimes i get annoyed Slashtop disconnects out but its easy to reconnect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you’re using windows the MS Remote Desktop works really fast and well. Even the iPhone client app if very usable. Give it a try.

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I was the same. Like not knowing the meaning of life until you find it. Once found, all is clear.

Hello, try deactivating “Rescan network folders at each start”, maybe restart your remote and Audirvana and let us know. I had the connection problems just like several users of this forum and with this trick it finally works, another user in this forum discovered it.

I’ve always liked VNC Connect made by the RealVNC people. Works on just about any OS, does similar things to Splashtop. I just happen to like it a bit better. I already have it installed for other uses, so it was the natural substitute until the remote appears.

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