Remote Use Of Digital Volume Crashes Audirvana Origin On Mac Server

Dear Sirs, I began trying to use the “digital volume control” feature on Audirvana Origin with my Audirvana remote app on my iPhone. I am finding that when I try to adjust the volume via the remote app it immediately crashes the Audirvana Origin app on my MacMini music server. I get the error message “Audirvana Origin Quit Unexpectantly.” It seems like there is a bug in the software. Can this be fixed? Do you have any advice for me so that this won’t happen? Thank you!

Hello @pdrigans,

Can you please send us the crash report at so we can check it out?

Mine doesn’t crash but the volume isn’t working correctly. It will lower but not increase the volume. This is using a Mac remote

Hi @Texun1,

What volume control +/- step do you have?

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