Remote Use Of Digital Volume Crashes Audirvana Origin On Mac Server

Dear Sirs, I began trying to use the “digital volume control” feature on Audirvana Origin with my Audirvana remote app on my iPhone. I am finding that when I try to adjust the volume via the remote app it immediately crashes the Audirvana Origin app on my MacMini music server. I get the error message “Audirvana Origin Quit Unexpectantly.” It seems like there is a bug in the software. Can this be fixed? Do you have any advice for me so that this won’t happen? Thank you!

Hello @pdrigans,

Can you please send us the crash report at [email protected] so we can check it out?

Mine doesn’t crash but the volume isn’t working correctly. It will lower but not increase the volume. This is using a Mac remote

Hi @Texun1,

What volume control +/- step do you have?