Remote v4 still can't play groups

The new Remote version 4 still doesn’t have the basic functionality it has in Audirvana Plus 3.5

There are no controls for groups. You can’t play a group - such as a symphony, an opera scene or act, or any other piece of music that has more than one track.

For classical music customers, you removed the control we had in Audirvana version 1, and on the remote in version 3,5 and the ability to conveniently play our music. This is a fail.

I cannot express strongly enough how great is Audirvana for me. I see there are small things I would like changed or different. Thank you to the makers.

I would like to group tracks other than creating a playlist.

Hi @bnbayer,

It’s something we will add in a future update of the Remote as it is in our backlog.

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