Remote window closes when using landscape orientation in iOS

In iOS (12.5.7) on iPad Air (MD786LL/A) the Remote application window closes when I start in portrait view and rotate to landscape view and I must start the application again… If I start in landscape view, I can rotate to portrait view but returning to landscape view the application closes and I must open the Remote application again…

Also, the volume control displays differently in landscape view as compared to portrait view… My volume is set to maximum (100%) all of the time on the main application… it displays correctly as 100% in the portrait view Mini Player screen, but when viewing in landscape, the volume shows as -34%…
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Hey ya, I’m not able to reproduce this on my iPad Pro (11-inch) (4th generation)
Volume is spot on and I can spin the screen around in either direction and no problem. Have you tried deleting the app, powering down and restarting and reinstalling?

Thanks… I got it working by closing Audirvana Studio and putting my computer to sleep, waking it and launching AS, then tried the Remote app and now it’s changing the view orientation as expected… Although, the volume display/control is still weird in landscape view… it seems to be reflecting the volume control setting of my iPad sound volume when in landscape view… :thinking:

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Can you send screenshots of this? :thinking:


Also… Still getting the problem of the Remote application closing when changing the view to landscape… I can start Remote in landscape view and change the orientation to portrait view, but returning to landscape view again causes the app to close… I can start in portrait view, but when changing to landscape view the app closes…
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Or the apple TV remote? Conflict?

Hi @Agoldnear,

I have been able to reproduce your behavior and will send it to our iOS developer to fix it.

I will also see if he had logs for this.

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