remote working but no sound

I have an iPad air 2 running the A+ remote on third floor of my house with excellent WiFi via an Airport Time Capsule
If I open and play A+3 on my main system in my living room and open the remote on the iPad I get a beautiful picture of what is playing ie TIDAL playing warren zevon ‘send lawyers guns and money’ in MQA but no sound through my 3rd floor system using apple camera kit connection with AQ DFR green LED on DFR.
If I shut A+3 down and use the TIDAL app or ROON app or Qobuz app or Deezer app or Pandora or Spotify on the iPad i get music from these different players or services.
Any suggestions on what I can do or what I am doing wrong?
When I open A+3 on my main system in order for the ipad to connect A+3 remote to the main system I play music using either a ME2 or Schiit Gungnir DAC connected directly to my Mac Mini thanks bobbmd