Remove license from my computers

Hi, Damien. I changed part of the computers and made pure installation of system on them and forgot to dump Audirvana activation. I ask to dump activation from all my computers.

Hi @azakru,

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two Mac computers you want with your license key.
To install Audirvana on your second Mac, you can proceed as for the first one: install trial version unlock it by loading your same license key.

Best Regards,
Audirvana Support team

thank you very much!

Hi @Damien3

I am getting the “ too many licenses” message and do not have access to my other computers. Would you be so kind as too reset my licenses.

Had a problem with an automated upgrade. I have the too many installs message now. Can you please release my licenses.



Hi @mancolh ans @Coffee36,

I deleted all of your computers from our database. You can now use your Audirvana license on your device.

Hello Damien

Can you also reset my number of activiated computer.
I moved to a new Macbook and did not deauthorised the last installation.


Pourriez-vous également désactiver toutes les licences concernant mon compte ? Merci

Bonjour @apecher,

J’ai supprimé tout vos ordinateurs de notre base, vous pouvez utiliser votre licence Audirvana sur votre Mac.

Pourriez vous retirer ma licence installée. Réinstallation de windows 10, impossible de réinstaller audirvana.

Hi Damien

I have manged to get two PCs working. I have tried to use Audirvana on a third PC but am getting the too many licenses error message again. I should have four licenses available and have only activated two since your email. Can you help please.



Hello @Coffee36,

For your third and fourth pc you need to use your second license key. I can see your first and second pc are activated on our database but none on your second license. If you don’t remember it i can send it to you via private message :wink:

Bonjour @gazpacho,

J’ai supprimé tout vos ordinateurs de notre base, vous pouvez installer Audirvana sur deux de vos PC avec Windows 10

Hi Damien

Doh! Sorry…senior moment! I have looked, but I cannot find my second license key. Could you please send via private message.

It is true what they say that age does not come by itself!

Thanks for your help


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Thank you for your help



Hi, Damien, I have the same problem. Can you remove all my computer licence ?
thanks !

I sold my MacBook Air out and did not remove the license from it. Can you please do so I can install Audirvana on my new iMac?