Removing Prefixes

This is a shot from Artists

Sir is causing a mis-sort, normally I do not include Sir, Dame etc in artists names to save that confusion. Indeed this album has no Sir in the Artists so that’s coming from Audirvana


It would be nice to provide for a “prefix list” That can be ignored on sort

I am thinking like The , A , Sir ,Dame and configurable list and of course multiple languages

Hi @MikeO,

Have you tried to change the sorting of those Artists?

Metadata Artist

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I haven’t but obviously can , fishing out all similar occurrences in a big library would be a chore since there is no logic to them.

Where do these edits come from as in the example there is no Sir in the original metadata.

Maybe consider an automatic version for a future build

Are you aware that you have two different conductors?
One is Andrew Davis, the other is (Sir) Colin Davis, Colin Davis is always and everywhere referenced as Sir Colin Davis

Yep they are both Sir’s

The problem is Sir Colin Davis sorts in the S’s Not C for Colin or D for Davis

Makes finding him quite difficult , I have Colin Davis cropping up under C as well, quite confusing. I routinely drop the Sir and sort Christian Name, Surname

Even Surname, Christian Name would help if it was consistent