Repeated crashing

I’m having a problem whereby Audirvana is crashing repeatedly. I’ve just completed my trial period, and had no issues, using it most days, but a few days ago bought my license key. I don’t know if it’s related, but since then, the program crashes, normally on the first track played, certainly by the second, varying between a few seconds to a few minutes. The app becomes unresponsive, with the only option to close it down.

For a few minutes, the app won’t restart, and when it does, I have lost all library and log in info, and it won’t let me input any details. The only way to get the program to start “normally” is to restart my pc. Then it crashes again.

Only once have I had an error message coming up mentioning an error dump, and that occurred when the app had been open for a few minutes, without playing anything.

Any suggestions as to what I might do next would be very welcome. Loving Audirvana up to this point.


Hello @Benjamin_Winter, sorry for the inconvenience, if this issue occur repeatedly could you please create a dump (right click on Audirvana in the task manager) and send us your logs you can find on the location i sent you in your private message? You both at this mail address: