Replacement activation key

I just got a new macbook and transferred all data from my old one to the new one. Now, opening audirvana on my new macbook, I am asked for a license number. I already reset my old lap top to factory settings, so it’s all gone now. What to do?

Best regards, Søren

Which version do you use, 3.5?

I am not sure. I can’t get into the programme at all. When I try open it it says enter licensing etc. … I can see I first installed it in September 2019 and purchased it in december 2019 - don’t know if that tell’s anything?

Check your email archive. You might find the license key that was sent to you at the moment of purchase. If not, write to

Thanks a lot! I actually found it, but it says I have another active account even though I reset the other Mac. I’ll try write support - thanks!

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