Replay Gain bit perfect?

Hello Damien and everybody here!
I’ve been a happy user of Audirvana for some time and am looking forward to Mac 3.5 version
with the new interface. Any news when we can expect it?
But this is cosmetics, my main question is more technical. I am in pursuit of a “bitperfect” signal
served to my Schiit multibit DAC. Does the ReplayGain function on Audirvana preserve the original bits?
I don’t use any resampling and the digital volume is “DAC only”. If not bitperfect, is the ReplayGain realized
in the 64 bit domain?
My secondary question is about the difference between “preserve album dynamics” and “all tracks equal loudness”.
I see the same RG dB figures for both. I have “limit bit depth to 24 bit” permanently on.
And the last one: does the replay gain work in the same way for Tidal playlists as for iTunes library playlists ripped
from CDs in Apple lossless codec (with dynamics calculated).
TIA for your help.
PS. Seems like the online manual is not up-to-date. Eg. “integer modes 1/2” are still there.

RG is bit perfect. It doesn’t augment or drop any bits. It just compensates to keep the gain relatively equal across tracks or an album.