Replay Gain Selection?

I’m trying to set Replay Gain. Audirvana presents me with a list of albums (hundreds) that don’t have gain information and asks me to select the I want to set the Replay Gain for. At the side of each album, there’s a check mark. Does that indicate a selected album? Because, in the list, I can only select albums (blue highlight) individually, shift-selecting doesn’t work.



you have to click it then it will be bold… there is a select all button i think too…
going by memory, since all my albums are done :slight_smile:

Sorry, click what? Could you elaborate?

it seems that they all look like clicked already when you see all the albums, but they are not…
just click one it wont start… click 5 or 6 you want on the left then click start button… those only 5 or 6 will be done… or select all button and let it run, they will disappear one by one from the list in order

You can select all of the album on the right of your screen:

Damn! How did I miss that?

Cheers, Damien…

If you missed it, this then means it’s not that obvious, it’s probably because it’s not a button, we will need to fix it.

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