ReplayGain and MQA unfolding

I read a recent article online that mentions you should turn OFF gain adjustment on player software because the gain changes will ‘mess with the bits’ and prevent MQA unfolding from working properly on an MQA capable DAC.

If ReplayGain is on in A3, will my MQA stream get messed up? I use both a non-MQA USB DAC (Bottlehead) and an MQA decode capable DAC (Meridian Explorer 2).

Loving A3 so far. Nice job on releasing a clean major rev.

Not at all, when the connected DAC is recognized to be MQA, any audio processing in Audirvana Plus is bypassed to not damage the MQA stream.

The volume levelling command (ReplayGain) is send to the MQA DAC that performs the gain adjustment internally.