Request Error and opening screen on remote

I’ve recently installed Studio on an M1 iMac, Generally it’s running very well, but I get quite frequent “Request Error” messages on the remote on both an iPad and an iPhone. It doesn’t appear to stop anything working but it’s very annoying.

Also, I have the startup view set as Local Library: Artists. This displays correctly on the iMac but the remote always opens in Albums view. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?



Hi @the_bat,

Do you have this error with the Beta version of the Remote update?

I do

I encounter this behaviour from time to time as well. Mostly when I pause in a number for a longer period (because we are at dinner, or I want to watch something on tv for example)… The remote loses connection then, and quite often it doesn’t want to connect anymore to the computer. Actions that get things going again are:

  • Closing Audirvãna, and then run it again
  • Disconnect the laptop from WiFi and then reconnect again
  • Restarting the laptop
  • When the above options don’t work, rebooting the router

I’ve seen the Request Error message with the beta, but so far simply repeating whatever action I was doing works.

While some of thems seem to be innocuous, several times after one of these Request Error messages I’ve noticed the track progress bar and the track information at the bottom of the remote screen stop updating, and don’t when the track changes. I have to close and restart the remote to get it back. This is on an iPad running the latest version of iOS.

Yes, I posted in another topic that I’d experienced the UI “freeze” you’re describing. It hasn’t happened to me recently, but Antoine, I think we now have a better idea of the situation that causes it.

I think this progress bar “freezing” or “disappearing” is just some time after “Request Error” shows. I’m not yet install this beta iOS version, I’m not that big fan of beta version although I myself software engineer - :wink:
How about this beta version, is this particular error is lessened noticeably?

There is couple of things that I want to see, is that the Tidal/Qobuz playlist refresh function - using screen down and hold few moment, you can see spinning icon, it usually means there is something going on background, I was expecting that the playlist will be refreshed - because I add / delete playlist from another device - but nothing happened. :frowning:
Since there is no local library “Resync” kind of button for stream source - I hope this feature on remote app, at least on main program, because I have to restart windows Audirvana one or two times, then this playlist refreshed…