Request to build in L R channel balance module

Is it possible to build into the program the function of adjusting the signal levels in the right and left channels?

Hello @Rhatalo, Have you tried to use a VST3 (Windows) or Audio Unit (MacOS) to do this? I’m sure you can find some on internet that are doing this kind of thing.

Such plugs introduce additional distortions

No they don’t, because it is in the digital domain.

Basically a LR channel balance module is a gain control for each channel separately. Any digital gain control (be it build in Audirvana or be it via an external plugin) will change the bits in the original signal. Ergo: the output will not be ‘bit perfect’ anymore.
It does not matter if the LR control is built in Audirvana or an external VST they will both have exactly the same effect.

You would be right if we where talking about an analog signal path, but in this case no extra ‘distortion’ (besides the changing of bits) is added.

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VST3 works not with UPNP (eg my Devialet Phantoms); so this option would serve me.

You need to deactivate the real time option to be able to use VST3 over UPnP.

Sorry Antoine, with or without the real time option…not working on UPnP device (in my case Devialet Phantoms).
It IS working (real time option set=on) with my PC-speakers and/or my DAC.

FYI: I am on Windows 11.

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