Reset PC license

Please reset my PC license for Audirvana 3.5 login - nirugavm

Hello @Al1966,

Thank you for your message and for using Audirvāna.

Your license allows you to activate Audirvāna on 2 computers only.

You get the error message ‘Too many installs’ if two installs are already registered and you try to activate Audirvāna a new computer.

You can simply reset the computer installs associated with your license following instructions at Login To My Account - Easy Remove Audirvana 3.5 Activation. All you need is your license key and make sure you enter the email you have used to purchase your license initially.

We remind you that a major evolution of our software is now available in two versions - Audirvāna Origin for local library only and Audirvāna Studio with online streaming services also. Don’t hesitate to try them at Try Audirvāna - Download Now And Start A 30 Day Free Trial .