Resizing album artwork in the library

I was wondering if there is a way to resize the album artwork displayed on the gallery. I’d like to display larger images, which would also allow more space to display the full album/song titles (most of the time this information truncated). I couldn’t find a slider to perform this operation (it seems it was avaialble in earlier versions). Is there a way to fiddle with the configuration files manually?

Hello @Kikigarel, you can resize the album artwork in your library by pinching with two finger your track pad, whether you are on Windows 10 or MacOS.

Thanks for your reply Damien! I’ll give it a try once I get back home. It should be OK on the iPad/iPhone but a bit harder to do on the PC (I don’t have a track pad).

On a different topic, is there any Audirvana documentation available?

On your PC you can resize the album artwork (in album view) with

  • Ctrl + mousewheel or
  • Ctrl + plus or minus key
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