Results and MQA Playback

Thank you Damien

It looks as if build 1019 will have ASIO in perfect order and WASAPI as good as it can be.


And you can test build 1019 I’ve just released!

Hi, I also have IFI Nano BL with it’s latest PC driver (v3.2). My experience is that, playing MQA on TIdal, I can only get it to play “correctly” - IE the same Bit Rate and frequency as the file indicated on the bottom left (ex. Flac MQA 24/192) when I use it in WASAPI mode. If I use it in ASIO mode it’ll play the same file in 32/96). However, in both cases, the IFI Control panel reports the file played in 96KHZ. So I’m not sure what exactly IS playing. If I use the WASAPI mode, it won’t play DSD files to the max. bitrate of the IFI Nano. In ASIO it will.
Frankly, both modes play the files correctly and I’ve yet to notice a sound diference, but I’m still wondering why ti won’t play (or report) the correct bit rate/frequency in ASIO mode, and why the IFI only reports a max. 96khz in it’s control panel in either mode. BTW, this only happens with MQA files streamed on TIdal. All other file types, including DSD files, will play correctly (and are reported correctly) in ASIO mode.
My setup: Win 10 v1803, 6GB RAM, Intel Q6600. Audirvana v1021

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i have exactly the same problem with my Zen DAC.I think it’s playing at actual sample rate as long as the purple light is on but just showing 88.2/96 in ASIO mode.might be just a bug in iFi driver.They still didn’t fix it tho

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