Resuming a paused account. Lack of option to choose monthly

Hi, At the end of my years sub I paused and gave roon a go.
Today I wished to restart and compare and was looking for a monthly sub while I decided which I preferred.
Seems the only option was to renew for a year which I did while trying to find the monthly option (One click to far and paid for the year).
The good news is I’m 95% sure I’m going with Audirvana so not really a problem but a clearer choice would have been better.

Hi @Dee66,

To go from a yearly to a monthly subscription, you must first cancel your subscription, which you can do on your account.

Hi @Antoine ,
Perhaps because I’ve just renewed for the year but currently can’t find an option for cancel in my account.
While not many people would be in my position would it not be better to have an explanation of how to get from paused yearly to monthly on the web page where you renew.
I was close to not renewing. In a month were money was tight I wouldn’t have done so.
Thanks so much for all your hard work :smiley:

I get your point, I will add something to the page regarding this specific use case.