Return request from six months ago

Hello @Antoine. I have written to you several times over the last six months to get a refund for Audirvana 3.5. Since the day after the purchase on 16 January. The reason is that the app has a bad compatibility with large hard disks formatted in HFS+ and does not load large libraries. In my case Audirvana was stuck on 40,000 albums. You asked me to upload the database file and I waited and waited, and in the last few months you stopped replying. You have a responsibility as a developer but also to your customers. If someone asks for a refund within the legal deadline you must respond to their request and return the money. I hope you read this message and this does not take any longer. Thank you.

Do you think that you made a deal with Amazon or Apple?

That’s not about a “deal”; it’s about the law.

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If the seller ignores the law, the law has no value.
What can he do? Sue Audirvana?

Yes, because negative publicity no longer matters to him.

I’m sorry for you.
It’s a pity that you didn’t think to run the trial version to check that everything works fine, before buying the app.

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I pay for every piece of software I use. I don’t need a cheap troll giving his opinion on things he doesn’t understand.

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I did not understand your reply. I was pointing to companies that pay you back if you don’t like the product you bought.

I don’t see the difference. There’s law and customer protection about softwares too. In France, according to what I see here, you have 14 days to request a refund.

If the seller ignores the law, the customer has indeed the option to pay a lawyer and sue the company.

LETTRA says that Damien stopped answering him:

Good luck with legal procedures, that may cost you a hundred of times the price of the application, especially if you live abroad.

In the EU we have the best consumer protection in the world. A European office that resolves cases within three months and legal representation is at the expense of the Member State and is decided by the courts of the country where the customer is located. The opposite of the USA or any other country. Where are you from?

I’m from France. If you live in France, it will be easier for you to get your money back.

But you are either not very informed or you like to misinform. Adieu.

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If you are from France, if you have a case, and if you were informed so well, in 6 months time, you would have gotten already your money back.

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