Revoke licence not recognised?

since no-one is helping me I try again.

I would like to move audirvana from an old Macbook to a new one. I revoked the licence on the old one and uninstalled audirvana, but I cannot open it in the new one because when I insert the licence key it tells me “too many installs, please remove it in one computer…”.
What should I do??


The first thing you should do is to try to be patient.
You only waited three hours after your first post before your second.

Only Audirvana staff can help you with your problem, and most likely Damien will reply to you soon.

Also, be aware (if you were not) that Audirvana staff work to French hours.
Then there’s the small matter of the current public holidays in many parts of the world.

Hello @baldini.wander,

The removal of your macbook activation have been done :wink: