Revoking Licence on other devices

Hello Dear Damien,
Having returned from US where I left two my laptops I now wanted to login to my Audirvana but failed. My understanding was, that if in US on both my laptops licence code was requested, so it is going to be easy to login here in Hungary in my other two devices. Most probably my thoughts proved to be wrong! Can I ask you to revoke my licences at your end, so that I can log in again here. Thanks for your kind help. When trying to login I get your message: Two many of your devices are used already…
Tks and greetings: Paul

Hello @Audio1digital,

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers.

To install Audirvana on your computers, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install trial version :
  2. unlock it by loading your license key

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