Revoking license keys

I sometimes reinstall my Windows 10 machine, and encountering the issue that there are too many installations activated on my license.

I read on the support page of Audirvana that I should contact you @Antoine for revoking licenses so that I can use them on my new Windows 10 installation.

Will there be an update in the future where we can manage our installations in our account? I mean that should be an easier way to manage the installations for example when we have to reinstall our machine.

Kind regards,

On Audirvana’s Settings page, near the top in the ‘General’ section under ‘License’, is a button marked ‘Revoke License’.
Is this what you’re looking for?

Well, I use a new Windows 10 installation at the moment, I reinstalled Audirvana, and I did not revoke my licenses on the previous installations. That is what I mean. I want to get all my used licenses being revoked. And I hope that in the future there will be an option to manage the installation from something like an Audirvana account, the same way Spotify makes it possible to add and remove users (revoking licenses).

Hello @MarchVader,

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers.

Please revoke my license too. Thank you very much…

I have revoked my 3.5 license on my Mac but am still unable to register on my new windows installation. It says no available licenses when I try. I purchased this license in April 2020 and it should be able to cover two installations on Mac or windows.
@Antoine, could you please check the license db or send me a different key that will work for Mac and windows?

Please cancel my license for Windows. I have two Windows and Mac. On the Windows license, I can not activate one computer. I greet and thank you.Richard