Ripped files in XLD get wrong track name and number in Audirvana


I’m new to Audirvana and trying to import all my CD:s with XLD.

It looks right in XLD and in the file folder but when I import it to Audirvana it gets wrong somehow.

I use use this format of filename:

The cue files looks like this:

In Audirvana I get no track 1 (Time has told me) and two track 10 (Saturday Sun).

What could be the problem?

Remove the cuesheet inside the folder if the tracks are already separated… and sync again

Big thanks!

It worked. But why?:slight_smile: I followed many XLD guides for best rips and they stated that you should use “always” Save Cue Sheet.

What is the purpose of this Cue Sheet?

Should I just use (Only when saving as a single image file" instead?

i don’t know why, but Audirvana as always had difficulty with the cuesheet inside the CD folder…

you can keep it elsewhere with the CD name if you want to keep it,
but, it as no use, since you already made the songs separated…

i would choose that option to keep the cuesheet: only when saving as one file,
but i can’t see why would someone ripped CD and have only one file, trouble for nothing :wink:

when tracks are separated, you can see in the finder of the mac or pc
when they have had changes to them (all or separated)… how you see that when only one big file??

Ok, thanks for the information!

I’ve created another folder now and placed the cue and log-files there (afraid to just remove them) :).

It seems to work.

The folder looks like this:

All good now then I guess? :slight_smile:

yes you are good…
like i said, there is no need to keep it, since separated, but it doesn’t weight a lot,
same to the .log file… me i don’t like to have anything in the song title except number… shorter is better for me :slight_smile:

the thing that can be better for all your CDs, is the cover .jpg at 42k… it sucks :slight_smile:
go there to find your CD covers, register for free. type your artist and title and see the covers you like the most, you can choose to filter size too
or just type the artist then title in Google in click images, then Tools… then choose size… big.

Also in Audirvana, you will have big track name, and when looking where the songs are, another big long name, for nothing… my 2 cents :slight_smile:

By the way,
The log file is just what happened when you ripped your CD.
You can open it in a text editor to see, or there is no use for it after.
The cuesheet is an index that just says to the one big track, that song 1 begins here, play like 5:14 minutes and then stop there, and have a gap of 2 seconds before song 2 begins at… so, when they are already separated, no need for that too :slight_smile: Ok i’m out :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, very helpful!

What custum ”format of filename” do you use in XLD?

I will rip many CD:s so great if I get it right from the start.:slight_smile: looks great. Should I try go for 600x600 then? Do you by the way just save a cd-cover as a cover.jpg in the album-folder or do you also add it in XLD when you get the metadata?

I haven’t managed to get XLD to automatically create a cover.jpg file. Is that even possible?:slight_smile:

my xld pref for names are

i’m not right, you decide what is best for your liking…
i put a cover.jpg in my CD folder… i embedded in xld when i do that,
but i always load that same cover in Audirvana, to have it embedded in Audirvana and save,
it then stay in my database of Audirvana :slight_smile: when i save it in audirvana database,
and then i load my same database in JRiver they all follow…
Also i always do my DR numbers in JRiver first, because Audirvana don’t do .dsf files…
but when put in Audirvana database the same album, it reads from the JRiver numbers :slight_smile:

Btw sorry for my english :grinning:. When i reread my posts…

I dont even care to put a cover in xld or jriver… my final point is Audirvana, this is where i load a cover and save in info window.

Audirvana is my dAtabase, if you give your album to somebody else, maybe you should load a cover in xld or that person will love to see your log file or have the cuesheet … but not if it is just for you… yes keep it for you… the right police :nerd_face:

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