Ripping CDs in Audirvana?

What is the recommended method of ripping CDs to Audirvana?

Can Audirvana rip CDs directly? If not, should I use iTunes? XLD? Other software?

I have a dedicated (older) MacBook Pro dedicated to music, running Audirvana (trial) in standalone mode (without iTunes).

No, Audirvana doesn’t do this. You will need a separate application. I’m using dBpoweramp ( I also use it to convert between different format (E.g. convert highress flac to mp3 for on the go) and to edit meta-data. Works quite well for me.

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I use XLD, and I’m very happy with it.


Thank you. Will check it out.


after I bought Audirvana some time ago I would like to rip my old CD’s. I just downloaded dBpoweramp. Makes a great impression.

Two questions

  1. which setting can you recommend if I want a really good quality but not too much memory

  2. which standard hardware (CD player) works best for ripping? I only have one MacBookPro

Thanks a lot

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