Room correction & EQ for Windows 10?

Are there any fully functional software systems for Room Correction that are usable with Audirvana>Qobuz>Ayon CD35 DAC or McIntoshC2700 DAC? I am complete novice! Major confusion about what constitutes the necessary suite of software (types, brands, models) and whether one needs a standalone hardware EQ? Not trying to do studio recording, just want to use Audirvana>Qobuz and tune up my system to get best performance from large, irregular, room with large Sound Lab M1 speakers.

I have used DIRAC SW for a while :
It worked fine for reducing the bass resonances of the room.
However the result was OK only in a specific place of the room , at the listening “sweet spot”.
You can probably get a similar result just by moving your furnitures a little … or adding a few diffraction panels .

Thank you for your response! Does Dirac use/adjust the sound chip//system in your computer or does it modify the data stream into/out of the preamp? I thought the objective with Audirvana was to modify the sound out of the DAC using a plug in to EQ (and software programming to do room correction adjustments) while avoiding the limitations of the computer sound hardware? When a person is streaming from Qobuz or Tidal isn’t true the objective is to avoid the computer sound system entirely? The computer is used only to connect to the streaming source and pass the signal to the DAC and Audirvana for play in/on hifi system and not through the computer? My apologies if I am stating what everyone else knows; I am still trying to understand to data flow and functions in the chain of events - what is “talking” to what and how?

@dduncan I understand your point , this is not trivial … Dirac creates a virtual sound device which is visible as connected to your computer, so Audirvana will see this new device and output the sound to it.
Then opening Dirac preferences, you will direct the Dirac output to your DAC. It consists of adding a digital filter in between Audirvana and the DAC so the computer sound system is still bypathed by Audirvana.
I think there is another possibility which is to use plugins directly within Audirvana, some people do that in this forum, and the latest version of Dirac seems to support this architecture as well. I didn’t try it.
The sound path is therefore identical should you streaming music from Qobuz or read music tracks from your local hard drive. An important point is that Dirac does more than EQ (frequency domain), it will also adjust the phase of the signal (time domain), which improves the sound stage.


Is there any Parametric EQ thats free or reasonably priced to be used in Windows 10 with Audirvana? I need to EQ my headphones to Harman Target but all i can find are graphic equalizer VST plugins