Running Audirvabe when not coonected to the Internet

I only use Audirvana to listen to downloaded files and have no interest in streaming. When I bought my first DAC I was advised, in order to get the best sound quality from the downloads, to have as little software as possible on the laptop I intended to use and that, for me, meant not involving the likes of antivirus software etc. That also meant no connection to the Internet and the whereabouts of my main stereo system would make that difficult anyway.
I use a sold state drive for storing all my music files and I download them via my Windows 10-based desktop, saving them to a large HDD before transferring them, unzipped and tagged, to the SSD,
I downloaded Audirvana in much the same way on the desktop, transferring it to a flash drive before installing it on the laptop.
Until last night, this arrangement worked really well. I decided to listen to some music, having been too busy for a week or so. After selecting Audirvana from the software list (Windows 10) on the laptop I was surprised to see a message querying if I was using a registered copy of Audirvana and insisting I check. I guess what would normally be a so-called trial period had finished and the software couldn’t tell if I had purchased a product key or not, I most definitely have.
The only way I can see this working is for me to bring the laptop into the room where my desktop is, connect it to the modem and have Audirvana verified as purchased. However, will it work when I take it back to the non-Internet enviironment?
Surely there must be some way the product key can be incorporated into Audirvana so this handicap can be overcome? By the way, I love Audirvana and have had no other issues with it, It plays all my files without incident and I’m convinced it gets the best out of whatever music files I throw at it. I see no need for acquiring the Studio version and hope that won’t be necessary.

Many thanks.

John Marchington

It should work after it has verified that you have a valid serial number. I believe I’ve read somewhere here on the forum that Audirvana occasionally checks your license online. So you may have to hook up your laptop to the Internet occasionally.

This may be true for Audirvana 3.5, but I doubt that is the case for Audirvana Studio (because it is subscription based and checks the subscription every time online). Also Audirvana Studio uses the internet heavily when analysing audio files to contact MusicBrainz online.

There is offline mode in AS. When you’re not connected to the internet it tells you that it will go in offline mode.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve had a valid licence key for some weeks now and during that time I’ve had no issues and that’s why I was surprised when I received that message. I’ll definitely try connecting the laptop to this computer’s modem and running Audirvana here and see what happens.

Thanks, Bitracer. Unfortunately the message appears BEFORE Audirvana opens so I have no idea what options are available. When I connect the laptop to the modem here, I’ll check to see if there is any way I can set it up in offline mode.

You don’t have to do much, just periodically connect to the internet. Audirvana manages the offline mode automatically.

All went well yesterday and I had a full evening’s music last night without a hitch - well, almost. For some reason I wasn’t initially able to add an album to the library but was eventually successful. It is a fairly big album I have to admit - over two hours of music. Thanks again for your suggestions.

Thanks, SandsOfArrakis. As already mentioned, it is working well now. I guess from my point of view the most interesting question will be “for how long”.


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