Running Audirvana on MAC OS10.9.5 Can't open version

I am a longtime Audirvana user. One of Macbooks is kind of old (runs MAC OS10.9.5) but has a digital out jack which makes it convenient for directly connecting to my digital stereo equipment (so I don’t want to give it up). On this Macbook I have to run an older version of Audirvana. Suddenly it won’t launch (and I realize this topic has been discussed before) but I can’t get around this issue (popup says needs internet connection to check license).

I need to install an older version that is compatible with this Macbook running MAC OS 10.9.5

Any help appreciated.

I want to know this as well. I have a Mac Mini on 10.9.5 as well. What is the last version that will run on this OS? Is it V3.0? And in V3 can you use Qobuz?

Hello @shac and @astrostar59,

You should both be able to use Audirvana 3.2. Do you have Audirvana a 3.2 license key @astrostar59.

@shac the error you have is a network error, are you able to access to ?

Yes i have internet connection and can access
And I have Audirvana installed on this old Macbook Pro. Looking forward to resolving this issue.

Do you have a VPN software installed and launched at boot?
If yes, it may prevent Audirvana from connecting to Deactivate it and try again.

Otherwise, this issue is due to a wrong cached certificate for
You need to open the KeyChain application

And then select in its View menu to show the expired certificates.
You can then sort the list by expiration date, and then remove the one that is expired.
Then reboot.
When launching Safari, and browsing there should not be any question regarding the ssl certificate. If any then be sure to have deleted the expired certificate in the operation above.
And you’ll be able to activate your Audirvana.