SACD ISO on Audirvāna Studio

Can anyone explain me why AS as the A3.5 don’t open the SACD ISO properly, both software’s continue to crash and wait so much time to open the first music on a SACD ISO file.
All the other competitors have no similar problems.
There’s any answer to this annoying problem?
Someone knows why it’s happen?

I have several SACD isos and it works flawlessly on AS, so in theory it should work for you as well. Have you tried using ASIO, WASAPI and kernel streaming? Does it crash on all the modes?

Stupid question maybe, but does your DAC support DSD? Mine supports up to DSD 128. If I try DSD 256 it obviously won’t work.

The other competitors, except JRiver, do not have such problem, just because they are unable to play SACD ISO.

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Foobar do that, just to name another one.

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yes, it crashes, and have a lot of time to open the files, almost 1 minute.
My DAC suport until DSD 512.
And that problem isn’t just for me another users aldready have report it.

I can play my SACD ISO on my Jriver.

What I said meant clearly that JRiver supports iSO SATA.

I have many ISO files that play flawlessly in both 3.5 and AS. I use Audirvana 3.5 and AS on a Mac.

I use W10, maybe the 4gb of RAM could be the problem.
I don’t know

If the size of your ISO files is bigger than your RAM the OS has to swap to disk. This means all programs are getting very very slow to respond, or unworkable (even if you have a SSD).

Most SACD ISO’s are about the size of a movie DVD which means around 6 to 8 GB. Your 4 GB RAM probably won’t cut it. Time to upgrade to 8 (or better 16) GB.

Most SACDs, even multichannel, are around 3.5-4.5 GB.


Yes, I was confused with DSD128. I also have ISO’s with the hybrid CD layer, the 2 ch SACD layer, and the multichannel layer in one ISO and they tend to be bigger.

But yes, I was a bit to enthousiastic :wink:. Still… 4 GB RAM seems very low to play an ISO of 3-4 GB comfortably. Because the OS and Audirvana itself have to fit in RAM too.

Sure, with 4 GB it is impossible to make the OS and the applications run while loading the ISO into RAM.
The last time I bought a computer with only 4 GB of RAM was in 2007, when I bought my first MacBook Pro with Intel CPU.

I’m not so sure of you explanations and believes about the issue!!!

Try the Audirvana Studio on my i7-8565U with 16GB RAM, and the problem are exactly the same, the software crashes for a while when opening the ISO file.

So resuming, it seems that is not a RAM problem.

Hope that could be fixed

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