SACD ISO stereo playback


Just noticing that for SACD ISO’s that have both stereo and multichannel layers, I am only seeing the multichannel files showing up in the Audirvana library list. My playback device is stereo only so I thought Audirvana would default to only play the stereo layer. I’m wondering if what I am hearing is actually the stereo layer, or a down mixed version of the multichannel layer. Any info would be appreciated.

Hello @jkurtz11,

Audirvana display the maximum capability of your multichannel file when you are in your library. When you start to play it we just use what your DAC can possibly handle, for you it would be stereo. This info can be seen on the lower left side of Audirvana when you play your music.

Thanks Damien. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a downmix. Might be worth considering changing that behavior for the next version to avoid confusion.