Sample Rate Question

How come the sample rates do not match between A+ and DAC? I have the up-sampling function turned off.

Its random, with the new Prince album, it says Tidal Flac 24/192kHz > DAC side it says 24/96kHz. My DAC is more than capable of 192kHz.
Also with many Masters albums, it says Tidal Flac 24/44.1 > DAC side it says 24/88.2kHz?
With Tori Amos it says Tidal Flac 24/96kHz > DAC side it also says 24/96kHz.

Can anyone explain this? Thanks.

All these members using this software and no one knows?

It surely has to do with your Tidal account… maybe you don’t have access at the best quality… i don’t use those services, sorry :slight_smile:

Clearly if I am getting 96kHz it has nothing to do with my Tidal account. I have full access to hi-fi & MQA.

Hi Adamn, I’m also trying to wondering how Audirvana deals with MQA.
Did you got some support on it?

It’s totally not related with Tidal. I made several tests, playing locals files in my computer.
Here some results:
MQA FLAC 24/352.8 -> DAC 24/88.2 (4/1)
MQA FLAC 24/96 -> DAC 24/96 (1/1)
MQA FLAC/44.1 -> DAC 24/88.2 (1/2)

I didn’t find any explanation to it up to now.

I’m new here, but now I understood why it’s limited up to 96kHz, from this article here:
“…software decoding is limited to a maximum sample rate of 96kHz. Files that were originally at 176.4kHz, 192kHz, or 384kHz will unwrap only to a maximum of 96kHz, not the original sample rate. There is no such limitation with an MQA-equipped DAC.”
Question solved Adamn.

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