Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 connection issues

after a successful demo period I purchased finally audirvana. It is a great product.
Unfortunately there is still the issue with using a Samsung TabS2 as a remote device. I am using also a Smartphone (Samsung Note II) and everything is running well with that (hence the settings of my PC cannot be the problem). However the screen is small and it would be nice to use the TabS2. In the audirvana-remote-topics I recognized that other users have the same problem, but couldn’t find any help. I use a:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
model: SM-T813
Android 7.0
Can somebody help?

Coul’d it be that the Android 7.0 version on the TAB S2 is the reason that of is not working stabiel? I use also a Samsung TAB S2 with the samen probleem, but nu Samsung S7 edge with Android version 8.0.0 is always working flawlessy
Hopefully this info will help to get the Samsung TAB S2 tablet to do this functioning as well!!!

Dear Mollie,
thanks for help. I don’t believe it is the Android version, as I use also my Samsung Note II and this is running with 6.01 and works perfectly as Audirvana remote.
Can please one of the developers of audirvana tell us which protocol is used for audirvana remote?

Hi all,
Still looping for a solution…