Save page position

Audirvana MacOS. Please save the last position of the page when I switch between TIDAL’s pages like ‘My Music’, ‘Playlists’, etc. When I come back to the page I have to scroll and download it again. That’s really annoying.

Any updates on this??

This has been a fix for poor UI coding that’s been requested for years. The developers either don’t know how to fix it or don’t think it’s a problem.
It’s just another glitch that makes this software a chore to use sometimes.

I would definitely switch to Roon when my subscription will be expired. The new version was my only hope, but nothing changed. In terms of UX/UI, it’s a crap.

I see, Audirvana has this feature in the latest releases, but I doesn’t work well. It brings me back at the wrong point.

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